Velocity Micro Vector Z35 A Computer Deal To Watch

We are all using technology this day and age and our quest for getting better and better is not less anymore. One of the biggest needs is computer or laptop these days and it has been a reason for so many changes happened in this day and age. In the past people use to have the computers in their homes and it was considered to be something special.

As the time moved on the computer also got advanced and changed into a small machine called as laptop. But there is still room for desktop computers and desktop computers are also made very frequently with new updates. There are many things which you should look in a good desktop computer but looking for a good computer Velocity Micro Vector Z35 is one of the best these days. Let us find out why!

Performance of Velocity Micro Vector Z35:

The performance of this amazing desktop computer is stunning. The speed of its processor is treat to use. You will feel light after using this amazing computer as it never holds up and it is easy to adjust with different software available on the internet.

Some Exciting Features of Velocity Micro Vector Z35:

Following are some of the amazing features this desktop computer has in it.

  • It has a 3D Mark Cloud Gate which is very good
  • It also has a CINEBENCH R15
  • Its processor speed is 3.2 Ghz
  • It has processor family of core i5
  • It has a Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 graphic card
  • Its RAM is 16 GB
  • HDD is its storage type

Pros of Velocity Micro Vector Z35:

Its price is amazing and its always something you will wish for a good quality desktop computer. The performance this machine produces is also very good you don’t need a great amount of power input to use it. There are upgrades in this desktop computer and they come automatically. You don’t have to worry about the fact that what should you do with your operating system or anything else it will itself guide you with that.

The maintenance of this desktop gem is also very good.  It will not break down as other computers instead it will be showing you the signals and notifications about the errors in its operating system or windows.

The storage capacity of Velocity Micro Vector Z35 is also very good. The graphics are amazing it is very good for the people who are looking to play different video games with some best graphics. The reason is that it has the best graphic cards installed in it.


Cons of Velocity Micro Vector Z35:

In this day and age we are unable to exist without internet wifi and we always look for this any desktop computer of high quality also. Same thing goes for Velocity Micro Vector Z35 but unfortunately it does not have the integrated wifi in it.


It is a very good desktop computer with the modern features embedded in it so if you are in search of desktop computers Velocity Micro Vector Z35 can be your choice.